The Feelings Club Poster


Seattle Public Schools


Story 2 Designs:
Jasmin Eng – Strategy
Cooper Eaton – Art Direction




Seattle Public Schools commissioned this multilingual Social Emotional Learning (SEL) poster to help children accept and understand their emotions. The posters will be distributed to shelters, refugee services, affordable housing complexes, and community centers across Seattle. 


This design shows an environment where several children, accompanied by their Feelings Buddies, are experiencing different emotions. In contrast to the existing SEL posters, this poster gives context to their emotional states, and color (the color of the Feelings Buddies and the reflection) is used to highlight each emotion. The children reflect the racial & cultural diversity in Seattle, and the final poster features the text in nine languages spoken throughout the city.


I was provided with an initial moodboard and creative brief. Afterward I gathered a few of my own sources of inspiration and began sketching. I created a style that was familiar and comforting to children, using pastels, soft edges, and soft textures. Based off Cooper’s initial sketch of the composition, I illustrated an environment somewhere between reality and fantasy, with the children in their own little world in the trees.