Seattle Transportation Information Infrastructure Plan Design


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The Innovation Team from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) developed the Seattle Transportation Information Infrastructure Plan to address how information infrastructure can better serve traveler needs. The term “The Hidden Ecosystem” encompasses all the actors that involved in Seattle’s transportation system, including the travelers themselves, navigation apps, transit services, physical infrastructure, and SDOT.


The plan centers 10 user personas, called travelers (see image left), and their unique transportation needsThe plan is wrapped in a user-friendly design that centers the travelers and their needs within the ecosystem. The design cohesively connects the print report, website, and supporting graphics, and work within the SDOT color palette.

Using modular vector illustrations on an isometric grid, the design was given a sense of dimension and movement, and would being cohesion and flexibility to it’s print and digital collateral.

Delightful Moments

The print and digital versions of the Hidden Ecosystem graphic are interactive. Inspired by the concept of hidden information (that the plan speaks of revealing and making accessible), icons are hidden in the graphic that can only be revealed using a red lens.


Seven supplemental infographics were created to presented a few of the plan’s more complex ideas simply and delightfully. The travelers (10 personas) are included in the graphics to provide context and remind viewers of the plan’s purpose, to serve the public and their unique travel needs.